Zollywood Signal

Zimbawean film industry is on the verge of a major uplift, the release of the Signal trailer is a testimony of that.Poorly made and most of the time HIV based movies have been produced mainly in Zollywood. The Signal changes that it becomes the first fully ndebele sci-fi and the best sci-fi movie to be produced in Zimbabwe. We can only get better from here and a lot is to come from these local filmmakers.

As much as we are happy about the progression of technology use in Zimbabwe movies especially when it comes to producing science fictions a lot still needs go be done to compete globally with top film industries. The trailer itself wasn’t captivating for me,the storyline itself is poorly crafted. Will wait for the full movie to make a perfect judgement but the trailer didn’t make me want to watch the full movie. I am still waiting for that time when we start producing science fictions movies that tells our very own Zimbawean story.

The future of Zollywood is bright and thanks to the signal for be adventurous and trying new things. A lot of good stuff is on the horizon, I am definitely looking forward to watching more quality Zimbabwean produced films.



Written by Antony “Mkaranga” Kambuve

Zimdancehall brought life to the ghetto and most unemployed youths they found something to do that would put food on the table. Many music producers emerged and with them new brilliant chanters the country has ever known. It was a beautiful time for Zimbabwe especially with the unemployment rate in the country skyrocketing, Zimdancehall was a first from above or was it.

The most damaging fruit zimdancehall gave to our society and the country in general is drug and substance abuse. The increase of toxicated youths is shocking, you will find an 8 year old smoking crystal meth commonly known as” guka”,”dombo” or “mutoriro” in the ghetto. To make things worse the music that some of these artists are making encourage and promote the taking of these illegal harmful drugs.

The need to get high for the youths has also meant the increase of illegality in society and Zimbabwe as a whole. Many youths have resorted to crime inorder to be able to finance their addiction and as a end result their addiction has become a nuisance to the general population.

It’s up to Zimdancehall music producers and artists to use their art of music to fight criminality and especially substance abuse in the society.Failure to do so the community and especially the country will raise broken up and drug addicts generation. Music speaks to the soul and it’s therapeutic and it has a role to play in the fight against drug abuse

Kuroorwa KwaChipo is a Zimbawean movie created and produced by two talented creative filmmakers Charles and Melody Mutyaviri.It is a movie that feature both well established and upcoming actors and actresses.Nokutenda Nechironga who played Chipo the main actress played a stellar role and was very good in her first big role in a feature film. Ryan Hussein who also was one of the main actors did justice to his role and played it very well. Zolile Makeleni is a veteran actor, who has featured on many of Zimbabwe biggest productions. He didn’t fail in this production, his performance was top shelf.

Cinematography and editing

Most of the shots in the film are very interesting and add drama, emotions and mood to the film. The editing also does it’s creative part and contribute to the story. It is true however that more creative shots and cuts should have been added to make the film a blockbuster.


Sound makes a movie,a great film has great sound.The quality of the sound in the film was impeccable, Billy Kabasa is surely one of the best sound engineers in the country at the present moment.

Singing nation

Written by Antony “Mkaranga” Kambuve

The new gem of superstars is taking over the music scene in the country. Hermann produced hit after hit in the past few years and he took the country by storm. His music transcended generations and he was loved my most. Now this year the Uhambo hit maker Andre the Vocalist has taken the nation and region by storm and he is even attracting the attention of regional producers.

All stakeholders in the music industry must come together and support upcoming artists if our music industry is to survive and have diversity. We need to support especially the teenagers, they are the future of the industry and they need all the support they can get.

We shouldn’t have a situation where our artists are supported and celebrated more outside our borders than within the country. It’s a shame really that promoters in the country prefer to bring in international talent at festivals and events than on promoting our Zimbabwean music and talent.

Radio stations and TV stations should air 90% local music.Culture decay is happening in the country because of lack of advert of art specifically music that doesn’t promote our culture as a people.Music is a medium that must be used to safeguard and promote our Zimbabweness and the airing of majority of international music isn’t doing justice to our culture.


Artists are role models to the society especially to the young people, it’s true that they also have emotions and feelings that we must consider. The way they behave especially in the public spaces it’s a reflection on their brand as artists and how they are perceived in the community.At a recent event held at one of the country’s flagship event hosting venue (HICC) the talk of the town has been the alleged assault of Dione Tafirenyika by Stunner her husband.

Mixed emotions have been received from the Zimbawean community with some saying the woman was wrong and some even going as far as saying Stunner married an underage girl. Gender based violence no matter who is doing it is evil.I expected a response from women organization, fellow artists, organizations and promoters to speak up against such behavior.

I understand that we say chakafukidza dzimba matenga but if such behavior can happen publicly what more in the private spaces. Stunner must be stripped of all brand ambassador roles and his music must stop being played on all radio and streaming platforms. We cannot continue to endorse gender based violence by our silence and inaction. A wrong is a wrong no matter who does it. It’s a disgrace as a community that we continue to normalize GBV and other evil behavior.

I thought the storm will sweep me away,
It had ruptured me into pieces,
With eagerness i put myself back together,
I have overcame the storm,
I can now see the rainbow,
In a summer shine, blooming i am,
Singing like bees in a honey pot.

© Mkaranga_The Artist

She angel/she demon

Click-clack the sound of stilettos rings out in the thick dark room. She walked in with authority and confidence of a thousand women. Her eyes pierced through the dark like an eagle, her presence changed the atmosphere of the room.

Nervousness rocked all those in the room, clothes all socked in sweat. The rumors had told them she is a viper-lion.She had ruptured the souls, goals and dreams of many they heard.

The room was lit and her smile made them tremble even more. How could the rumors be true to such a beautiful and sexy lady they thought. It was jealous that led those people to call her a demon, she is an angel they reinforce.

© Mkaranga_The Artist

I can’t sleep

I can’t sleep,
When i close my eyes you are all i see,
Your scent engulfs my nose,
My honey pot you forcibly open,
The soar taste you left, reminds of you,
The cracks on my honey pot tattooed your presence,
Your hatred after flows through my eyes,
I cry all night, befriending witches,
My family name more important than my dignity,
Like a drum i cry inside, smiling on the outside.

© Mkaranga_The Artist

I want to be pregnant

I want to be pregnant of dreams and goals,
Giving birth to success, innovation and creativity,

Help me to realize my dreams and nurture my opportunities,
Don’t make babies sulk my breasts,
I want to take care of my goals and not babies,

I want to open doors of opportunities and not open my legs,
I want to untie my goals and not untie my belt for your self satisfaction.

© Mkaranga_The Artist

When you undress me,
When you unbelt me,
And play wife, husband with me,
You would be killing me and my dreams,

Playing in the mud and being a child is what i dream of,
You kill me by making me your lover,
You kill my dreams by giving me yours,

My tears are of sorrow, anger and disgust,
You buried me alive,
You are a devil in my eyes,
You killed me when i wanted you to love me as a child and not as a lover.

© Mkaranga_The Artist

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