He woke up and the first thing he did was to pick up his phone to call the woman of his dream. What greeted him was not her voice but that of another man who was saying he was the husband. He thought he was dreaming or hallucinating, he asked for her but she hung up the phone. He didn’t want to believe that what’s had just happened was real but he couldn’t find any reason to make it a dream. It was real he finally admitted he had just be dumped without actually being dumped. Was this the new normal, did she ever loved him or he was just a hitting bag so she could be ready to become a wife. He has been hurt, used and felt unloved he vowed not to love again. Why love if my feelings are taken for granted? He asked. Fuck them girls, they are satanist that was his reply. He vowed never to trust or love any girl anymore.He opened his heart for a girl who played rugby with his feelings and heart, can you blame him for not loving or trusting any girl again? He remained single for 5 months without any interest in girls, then everything changed. He met this girl who touched him where no one has touched before.


Published by Mkaranga_The Artist

Art is my blood

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