*DANGEROUS LOVE**CHAPTER 1*After seeing him she taught she was dreaming, she has never seen anyone like him before. His smile melted her, she fell deep down in his eyes and the moment he opened his mouth to greet her she was left in oblivion.They shared a beautiful night and she thought she had found a true love.Steve was his name and Mary was never been so much in love.They had a perfect relationship in the eyes of everyone around them but it all changed when they were having a romantic dinner at a restaurant in town. She was complimented by another man and she returned a smile only for Steve his boyfriend to get mad and shove the guy.I am very sorry i don’t know what came to me i was just trying to protect you, she accepted the apology.She opened her door to her house and Steve opened his hands to her. Outbursts of whore, slut and other deragatory names filled her ears and house. Fist and slaps explored her body, how can you flirt with another man in my presence that’s very disrespecting to me. Mary had never seen this side of Steve, he thought he was a sweet and loving person but this night he showed her that he was a wolf underneath the sheep cloth. He fell on his knees in front of her begging for her forgiveness, tears flowed from his eyes he was saying he had been possessed by the evil spirit and this wasn’t him. She looked into his eyes and the love she had for him made her saw that he was sincere which led her to forgive him and she hugged him.Lying was now part of her life I was mugged by thieves that was she told her family and friends when they asked her what had happened.2 weeks after the incident he prepared a meal for the two of them to celebrate the job he had got. She came in late from work and what greeted her were fist and being slapped with a belt he was furious that she had kept him waiting for so long. She couldn’t walk or talk after the beating, she crawled into the shower to take a bath and tears flowed from her eyes. When she was dressing he came to her and begged for forgiveness, I don’t think i can forgive you this time Steve we have to go separate ways she said. He went on one knee and asked her to marry him, she has always wanted to get married and she couldn’t pass this opportunity up so she said yes.©Mkaranga

Published by Mkaranga_The Artist

Art is my blood

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