*DANGEROUS LOVE**CHAPTER 2*Taura was in front of the mirror finishing her makeup, as she was preparing for what was to be a celebration for her. She had kept her virginity and was about to lose it to a special person and she wanted it to be like what she had always imagined. Pahuro was in the next room preparing to give the girl of his life the night she will never forget.She walked into his arm and she lost herself in his lips, the time she regained conscience the white linen underneath was now red in color. Tears flowed from her eyes it’s not what she had hoped, she hated the whole experience. He pulled her towards him and comforted her, apologizing for not being gentle.The family were sitting outside waiting for the two to come out , they all wanted to see if she was pure.The moment the door was opened, the oldest aunt was already in the room to grab the sheets. Ululation erupted from inside the room and that was a confirmation to those outside that their daughter was a virgin. The sheets were brought outside and paraded outside for all to see and at the sight of this the girl became furious and shouted at them all. Everyone was stunned by her reaction to the act , it was a ritual for the family but to her it was deragatory. She ran away with the husband in her heels, what was that about? He asked. You let them embarrass me , making me a laughing stock of the community and you call yourself man. The silence of birds was felt as the hand of her husband landed on her cheek. You don’t disrespect the elders, rituals and me .Am making myself clear? She knew he was short tempered but didn’t expect him to hit her. She left him there without saying any word leaving him agape.The laughs she heard everywhere she went, she thought they were laughing at her. Tears couldn’t flow anymore, she saw a knife in the kitchen and lifted it. No Taura!!! He screamed, I failed you i shouldn’t have let them parade and embarrass you like that nor should i have slapped you. I love you my princess please put the knife down and we talk about all this. You failed to protect me Pahuro, you are my husband it must be you and me against the world. On top of that you showed me your dark side one i never knew you had, you slapped me. Stay away from me or i will stab you, get out i want to be alone. Stab me or kill me Taura but i am not going anywhere I love you, he said this moving forward. She swung the knife and she saw blood on the knife. She threw it down and screamed, i am sorry i didn’t mean to cut you. Blood was streaming from his veins,she had never seen so much blood in her life.She tried to stop the blood flow but she couldn’t as people entered they just couldn’t believe what was in front of their eyes. He was getting pale and she was screaming but no sound was coming out. They took him to the car and rushed to the hospital, they urged her to stay but she couldn’t she rushed to the car accompanying his injured husband to the hospital. The doctor came out from the theater to inform the family that he was stable but in crucial condition.A quarrel commenced , she couldn’t say any word the person she stabbed was all she could think of .She wanted to see him but they prevented her from doing so, but Pahuro called for her they lied that she wasn’t around. She didn’t want to live anymore she hated Pahuro for not standing up for her and slapping her but she couldn’t deny how much she loved him. She took the same knife she stabbed Pahuro with and ran to the mountain they usually sit together. Death was the only option left for her, she couldn’t continue living in a world where everyone she met laughed and mocked her. Her true love, the person he gave her purity was in the hospital because of her and she wasn’t sure if he could forgive and love her again.Taura,Taura , Taura she heard a familiar voice it was Pahuro , because of embarrassment she stabbed herself.© Mkaranga

Published by Mkaranga_The Artist

Art is my blood

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