*DANGEROUS LOVE**CHAPTER 3*After they moved in together Mary and Steve they have been enjoying life as a couple and Mary hadn’t been beaten in over a month.Steve went on a work trip which was supposed to last 2 days but he ended up being away from home for a month. Mary was lonely and she wanted to feel the hands of Steve on her but he was no way to be found. Mike a her co-worker came home one day when she was just wearing a nightie, he seduced her and they made love. She had never felt so much in love, she has started an affair with Mike and she had no regrets. They would meet up at her house daily to have sex but everything changed when Steve came back from his work trip to find the two having sex. Steve didn’t say anything but he just went to sit outside drinking his favorite beer. Mike as he was about to leave he was called by Steve to join him in drinking beer as he was now part of the family. Mike was nervous and didn’t want to sit down but wanted to run away. He hesitantly sat down and Mike being too nervous we wet himself and Steve said if you wanted a toilet my guy you should have asked for one and i would have shown you where to go.Mike took to his heels and ran away, Steve couldn’t stop laughing.Mary was sitting on the couch expecting to be beaten but Steve entered the room and started watching soccer, Mary was shell shocked.I am sorry i was weak , i needed someone to make love to me and Mike was available, she confessed Mary. Steve asked what are we having for supper, Mary asked how long will you keep on pretending that everything is fine in this house. I don’t see anything wrong in this house if you see something wrong then why don’t you fix it.When Steve saw 2 plates on the table he brought a third one to the table. You should have told me we have a visitor i could have cooked enough food for 3,we don’t have a visitor but you had forgotten to put Mike’s plate he is part of the family now isn’t he?Stop it Steve are you going to continue to torture me, why don’t you go ahead and kill me in the process.I am not going to kill you love, Mike and I need you in our lives.The day after Mary and Mike arrived from work,Steve was sitting in the lounge with his friends when they entered together. Mike was about to leave when Mary urged him to stay.The moment everyone had left Steve grabbed Mary’s arm, how dare you?, You and your boy toy disrespect me in from of my friends who do you think you are.You made Mike the member of this family so i am just accepting and respecting the decision you have made your maje…. Before she could finish talking Steve had slapped her, I am the man of the house and if you want to continue living happily here you will follow my rules to the dot am i making myself crystal clear Steve barked. Mary was now terrified and death was flirting with her again. I don’t think i can continue staying here with you. You are going to leave here when i have given you permission so forget about that because you are not leaving here. You can’t force me to stay with you i no longer love you, she was saying this while packing her monarch.Steve removed his belt and slapped her, she was beaten until she could no longer talk or move.She tried to crawl away but the moment she moved she was stopped by the belt. The only thing she could do was to lie down and take every slap of the belt.Him being tired is what saved her skin but the scars on her body were too intense.The sight of her blood made her release a dry cry.©Mkaranga

Published by Mkaranga_The Artist

Art is my blood

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