O sweet perfect lips, like nectar that attract bees,
Her lips are *nectar*,men can’t resist,
Big, wide, curvy, tasty they look,
O sweet perfect lips, delicious they are

Her body is a land, explorers want to explore,
Perfectly shaped hips, her bosoms men wish to caress.
Her body is alluring, tarse erect in her presence,
Her hurdies like Kilimanjaro they are,
To other ladies they are an *envy*,to men they are a treasure,
She is an angel in human skin

Did i mention, her eyes? *Deeper than the seas*,
Flowers, grass withers when she opens her eyes,
You see her soul when you look in her eyes,
Her eyes are her identity, they describe her,

Her angelic smile, laughter twinkles the bones of those surrounding her,
Sadness, anger don’t find her face,
Joyful tears is what her cheeks know.


Published by Mkaranga_The Artist

Art is my blood

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