Difference between cartoons, animation and anime

Cartoon is a simple, fictional drawing that tries to evoke humor by depicting a humorous situation.It does this by exaggerating characters. Cartoons come in two forms either satire drawings for example in newspapers and magazines. They may also come in short films or television programs that uses animation technique to photograph sequence of drawings.Cartoons are usually made for children,they often feature superheroes, adventures of children and animals that act like people. Cartoons they are mainly two-dimensional (2D) and Garfield, Scooby Doo are examples of cartoons.

Animation is the art, process or technique of making movies with drawings, photographs of still objects or computer graphics. Traditionally animation has been done by hand but with the advent of technology it has evolved. Stop motion, mechanical animation and computer animation has made the production of animation easier. Animations they are watched by both adults and children.They are usually 2D and 3D. Animation usually deals with mature and serious themes. Kungfu Panda , Shrek, Despicable Me and Frozen are examples of animation.

Anime are originally from Japan and they are three-dimensional (3D) and they are made for adults as they contain strong, serious themes and mature storylines.Naruto,One Piece and The Boondocks are examples of animes.

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