Artists are role models to the society especially to the young people, it’s true that they also have emotions and feelings that we must consider. The way they behave especially in the public spaces it’s a reflection on their brand as artists and how they are perceived in the community.At a recent event held at one of the country’s flagship event hosting venue (HICC) the talk of the town has been the alleged assault of Dione Tafirenyika by Stunner her husband.

Mixed emotions have been received from the Zimbawean community with some saying the woman was wrong and some even going as far as saying Stunner married an underage girl. Gender based violence no matter who is doing it is evil.I expected a response from women organization, fellow artists, organizations and promoters to speak up against such behavior.

I understand that we say chakafukidza dzimba matenga but if such behavior can happen publicly what more in the private spaces. Stunner must be stripped of all brand ambassador roles and his music must stop being played on all radio and streaming platforms. We cannot continue to endorse gender based violence by our silence and inaction. A wrong is a wrong no matter who does it. It’s a disgrace as a community that we continue to normalize GBV and other evil behavior.

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