Singing nation

Written by Antony “Mkaranga” Kambuve

The new gem of superstars is taking over the music scene in the country. Hermann produced hit after hit in the past few years and he took the country by storm. His music transcended generations and he was loved my most. Now this year the Uhambo hit maker Andre the Vocalist has taken the nation and region by storm and he is even attracting the attention of regional producers.

All stakeholders in the music industry must come together and support upcoming artists if our music industry is to survive and have diversity. We need to support especially the teenagers, they are the future of the industry and they need all the support they can get.

We shouldn’t have a situation where our artists are supported and celebrated more outside our borders than within the country. It’s a shame really that promoters in the country prefer to bring in international talent at festivals and events than on promoting our Zimbabwean music and talent.

Radio stations and TV stations should air 90% local music.Culture decay is happening in the country because of lack of advert of art specifically music that doesn’t promote our culture as a people.Music is a medium that must be used to safeguard and promote our Zimbabweness and the airing of majority of international music isn’t doing justice to our culture.

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Art is my blood

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