Written by Antony “Mkaranga” Kambuve

Zimdancehall brought life to the ghetto and most unemployed youths they found something to do that would put food on the table. Many music producers emerged and with them new brilliant chanters the country has ever known. It was a beautiful time for Zimbabwe especially with the unemployment rate in the country skyrocketing, Zimdancehall was a first from above or was it.

The most damaging fruit zimdancehall gave to our society and the country in general is drug and substance abuse. The increase of toxicated youths is shocking, you will find an 8 year old smoking crystal meth commonly known as” guka”,”dombo” or “mutoriro” in the ghetto. To make things worse the music that some of these artists are making encourage and promote the taking of these illegal harmful drugs.

The need to get high for the youths has also meant the increase of illegality in society and Zimbabwe as a whole. Many youths have resorted to crime inorder to be able to finance their addiction and as a end result their addiction has become a nuisance to the general population.

It’s up to Zimdancehall music producers and artists to use their art of music to fight criminality and especially substance abuse in the society.Failure to do so the community and especially the country will raise broken up and drug addicts generation. Music speaks to the soul and it’s therapeutic and it has a role to play in the fight against drug abuse

Published by Mkaranga_The Artist

Art is my blood

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