Zollywood Signal

Zimbawean film industry is on the verge of a major uplift, the release of the Signal trailer is a testimony of that.Poorly made and most of the time HIV based movies have been produced mainly in Zollywood. The Signal changes that it becomes the first fully ndebele sci-fi and the best sci-fi movie to be produced in Zimbabwe. We can only get better from here and a lot is to come from these local filmmakers.

As much as we are happy about the progression of technology use in Zimbabwe movies especially when it comes to producing science fictions a lot still needs go be done to compete globally with top film industries. The trailer itself wasn’t captivating for me,the storyline itself is poorly crafted. Will wait for the full movie to make a perfect judgement but the trailer didn’t make me want to watch the full movie. I am still waiting for that time when we start producing science fictions movies that tells our very own Zimbawean story.

The future of Zollywood is bright and thanks to the signal for be adventurous and trying new things. A lot of good stuff is on the horizon, I am definitely looking forward to watching more quality Zimbabwean produced films.

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