Zollywood Signal

Zimbawean film industry is on the verge of a major uplift, the release of the Signal trailer is a testimony of that.Poorly made and most of the time HIV based movies have been produced mainly in Zollywood. The Signal changes that it becomes the first fully ndebele sci-fi and the best sci-fi movie to beContinue reading “Zollywood Signal”


ZimDrug-Hall Written by Antony “Mkaranga” Kambuve Zimdancehall brought life to the ghetto and most unemployed youths they found something to do that would put food on the table. Many music producers emerged and with them new brilliant chanters the country has ever known. It was a beautiful time for Zimbabwe especially with the unemployment rateContinue reading “ZimDrug-Hall”

Kuroorwa KwaChipo is a Zimbawean movie created and produced by two talented creative filmmakers Charles and Melody Mutyaviri.It is a movie that feature both well established and upcoming actors and actresses.Nokutenda Nechironga who played Chipo the main actress played a stellar role and was very good in her first big role in a feature film.Continue reading

Singing nation

Written by Antony “Mkaranga” Kambuve The new gem of superstars is taking over the music scene in the country. Hermann produced hit after hit in the past few years and he took the country by storm. His music transcended generations and he was loved my most. Now this year the Uhambo hit maker Andre theContinue reading “Singing nation”


Artists are role models to the society especially to the young people, it’s true that they also have emotions and feelings that we must consider. The way they behave especially in the public spaces it’s a reflection on their brand as artists and how they are perceived in the community.At a recent event held atContinue reading “stunned”

I thought the storm will sweep me away,It had ruptured me into pieces,With eagerness i put myself back together,I have overcame the storm,I can now see the rainbow,In a summer shine, blooming i am,Singing like bees in a honey pot. © Mkaranga_The Artist

She angel/she demon

Click-clack the sound of stilettos rings out in the thick dark room. She walked in with authority and confidence of a thousand women. Her eyes pierced through the dark like an eagle, her presence changed the atmosphere of the room. Nervousness rocked all those in the room, clothes all socked in sweat. The rumors hadContinue reading “She angel/she demon”

I can’t sleep

I can’t sleep,When i close my eyes you are all i see,Your scent engulfs my nose,My honey pot you forcibly open,The soar taste you left, reminds of you,The cracks on my honey pot tattooed your presence,Your hatred after flows through my eyes,I cry all night, befriending witches,My family name more important than my dignity,Like aContinue reading “I can’t sleep”

When you undress me,When you unbelt me,And play wife, husband with me,You would be killing me and my dreams, Playing in the mud and being a child is what i dream of,You kill me by making me your lover,You kill my dreams by giving me yours, My tears are of sorrow, anger and disgust,You buriedContinue reading


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