Sweet Princess

O sweet princess,Infinitely scared on the soul and body,Daily fights with demons, obstacles and challenges,In the chaos and troubles she was strengthened,The winds of change blow,Positivity, success, and intelligence results,Just as a rainbow follows a storm,Doubt, suffering follows a change of life,There is no greater pride that seeing flora booming after a storm,Joy, happiness willContinue reading “Sweet Princess”


O respect the womanAll caring within her,O sing gratefully,Her loving and kindness,Our warmer and nurturerShe never tire or rest,Her family happiness at the forefront than her own,O tell of her fear tackling and go getting,Breaking barriers spirit,Created from the rib,Yet shining and mighty more than the sun © Mkaranga_The Artist

The giver of life

O loving God,The giver of life, the survivor of souls,The one who sent his only seed,To save the whole sinning world,The darkness of the world he extinguished with his glory,The star of the world, that never loses it’s shineness,When he talks even animals, oceans, mountains listen,Oh blissful and calm God,You sing deep into our hearts.Continue reading “The giver of life”

Delete darkness, immorality in your life,Accrete yourself to the Almighty,Abate of naysayers, narcissist,Bleet no more on challenges, obstacles,Entreat yourself in the face of Most High,Beet your spirituality, physicality, mentality © Mkaranga_The Artist

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