Sweet Princess

O sweet princess,
Infinitely scared on the soul and body,
Daily fights with demons, obstacles and challenges,
In the chaos and troubles she was strengthened,
The winds of change blow,
Positivity, success, and intelligence results,
Just as a rainbow follows a storm,
Doubt, suffering follows a change of life,
There is no greater pride that seeing flora booming after a storm,
Joy, happiness will be the fruitage of determination, focus and persistence.

© Mkaranga_The Artist

Where did we go wrong?

In the trenches and forest we fought and we won the war and the result was enormous independence for the Zimbabwean people. Black, white, Indian, mixed race we vowed to live. The economy, political, social and cultural environments has changed a lot since then and not for the better but for the worst

Did we fail as a nation or we were not prepared for the job at hand. We were successful before colonization, why not now? Did we fall in the trap of the so called modernization and civilization that we lost ourselves and our identity as Africans and Zimbabweans in particular. Success now is rated on the basis of money, cars, clothes and houses which was never the African way or was it a Zimbawean way.Our leaders haven’t help either, they seek to feed their bellies and leading us astray. Our education system is baseless, useless and does nothing to solve our problems and challenges as a nation.The western education system can helping he global but yes he wealthy and redefine our


I have wrestled with demoms,
I have fought with lions,
I have unchained many chains,
I have flown with eagles,

I conquered wars,
I ate thorns,
I drank poison,

I am so courageous,
I can break through walls,
I can walk through needles,
When Satan meets me he will break down,

I can swallow hot water,
And uproot trees,
Wait till you meet,
Mkaranga_The Artist.

© Mkaranga_The Artist


O respect the woman
All caring within her,
O sing gratefully,
Her loving and kindness,
Our warmer and nurturer
She never tire or rest,
Her family happiness at the forefront than her own,
O tell of her fear tackling and go getting,
Breaking barriers spirit,
Created from the rib,
Yet shining and mighty more than the sun

© Mkaranga_The Artist

March On

Onward relationship warriors,
Marching on to marriage,
With your heart on your sleeve,
Most High the strengthener,
Strengthens you against all fears, challenges and obstacles,
Forward into marriage you march on,
At the sign of happiness, joy, peace, the enemies flee,
Like a mighty lion move the fruits of marriage,
Into the grasp of the Most High,
You are one body, one in love and marriage,
March on marriage warriors

© Mkaranga_The Artist

My wife hates me

My wife hates me,
I thought her love will never end,
Like a viper she spits poison,
In her eyes a disappointment i am,

My wife hates me,
Her scratched hands caresses my cheeks daily,
She sends thunderstorms through my body,
Peace is stranger in my house,

My wife hates me,
I sleep like a child in my matrimonial bed,
Her love affairs i know of,

My wife hates me,
Joy of marriage has left my heart,
The thorns of a rose, pierce me daily,
The pain of love lives in my marriage.

© Mkaranga_The Artist

Delete darkness, immorality in your life,
Accrete yourself to the Almighty,
Abate of naysayers, narcissist,
Bleet no more on challenges, obstacles,
Entreat yourself in the face of Most High,
Beet your spirituality, physicality, mentality

© Mkaranga_The Artist

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