Grail in the marriage of hearts,
Scale happily the seeds of love,
Sale towards your soulmate,
Veil not happiness, smiles, joy,
Pale in negativity, self doubt,
Vail your heart to possibilities,
Whale future at your doorstep

© Mkaranga_The Artist

Clive the chains apart,
Live through pain, trauma,
Rive the goodness of the heart,
Hive in the omnipotent Almighty,
Deprive the darkness your life pie,
Strive past poverty, hate, betrayal,
Ive in love, peace, abundance.

© Mkaranga_The Artist

Release them young

Let them jump in the ocean, they will find a way to survive,
Let them play in the furnace, they will conquer the heat,
Let them walk barefoot in a thorn forest, the thorns will strengthen them,
Let them cause destruction, they will find a way to rebuild,
Do not catch them young, release them young.

© Mkaranga_The Artist

Life bicycle

Life is like a bicycle, the speed of it depends on the cyclist.
Regardless of the speed it keeps moving forward,
Give permission to distractions, pride, the result will be catastrophic,
Bicycle not in good shape will inevitably lead to accidents,
Life which is spiritual, financial, emotional, mental, physical fragile will lead to catastrophes,
If you stop cycling the bicycle stops moving,
Challenges, obstacles you will face keep on cycling,
You are the cyclist of your life, direct where you want to go

© Mkaranga_The Artist

Difference between cartoons, animation and anime

Cartoon is a simple, fictional drawing that tries to evoke humor by depicting a humorous situation.It does this by exaggerating characters. Cartoons come in two forms either satire drawings for example in newspapers and magazines. They may also come in short films or television programs that uses animation technique to photograph sequence of drawings.Cartoons are usually made for children,they often feature superheroes, adventures of children and animals that act like people. Cartoons they are mainly two-dimensional (2D) and Garfield, Scooby Doo are examples of cartoons.

Animation is the art, process or technique of making movies with drawings, photographs of still objects or computer graphics. Traditionally animation has been done by hand but with the advent of technology it has evolved. Stop motion, mechanical animation and computer animation has made the production of animation easier. Animations they are watched by both adults and children.They are usually 2D and 3D. Animation usually deals with mature and serious themes. Kungfu Panda , Shrek, Despicable Me and Frozen are examples of animation.

Anime are originally from Japan and they are three-dimensional (3D) and they are made for adults as they contain strong, serious themes and mature storylines.Naruto,One Piece and The Boondocks are examples of animes.

©Mkaranga_The Artist

Knees tremble at the sight of him,
She weeps profusely at the thought of him,
Not one of her tears drops on her cheeks anymore,
The love of her life has become the nightmare of her life,
Her matrimonial house, now the house of betrayal, slavery,
The beauty the she once possessed existed no more,
Her face, body covered in wounds, scars,
Her calls were heard, no one there to comfort her,
Friends, family had abandoned her, alone she had become

© Mkaranga_The Artist

Joy of the stray heart

It is joy of the stray heart,
To find a stray heart that knows the dance,
Dancing to the same rhythm they do,
The melody of the song is like no other,
Like the sky it never ends,
The fear of heart thunderstorms don’t live in this dance,
Sleepiness nights not caused by thunderstorms,
The joy of long hug, sweet scent, joyful smiles keeps sleep away,
Lips dance in unison, partying away is a struggle,
Every part of the dancefloor are known,
O sweet dance it is,the joy of the stray heart

© Mkaranga_The Artist

Bright Star

A bright star that once was, lost it’s luminance,
Death of light birth darkness,
How the might have fallen, what was meant to strengthen, destroyed instead,
The land full of honey, now resembles the wife of Lot,
Memories the only thing left, present, future in taters,
Every step a toll,tears no more,
Hunger all the stomach knows, destitution resulted,
Breathing a curse it was,death now celebrated,
Funereal the society become,smiles a rarity

© Mkaranga_The Artist


Humanity was no more,hatred filled the hearts,
Death, torture, suffering put smiles on most,
The world rejoiced in blood tears,
Plutocrats ruled the land,they seek a submitting world,
Dosh is their might,the world dances for a bite,
The love of it has caused many to lose morals,
Whoredom, thievery, rent-seeking consumed majority,
Childhoodless generation we have,
Marriages, paper seeking broken adulthood ensued,
Autems gold mines they are,shepherds wolf in sheep’s clothing,
Precation is hypocritical,bread occupies their minds

Mkaranga_The Artist

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