*THE PAIN OF LOVE*CHAPTER 2 *continued*The little piece of his heart that is left skipped a bit,as he continue to listen to her.He looked at her with lusting eyes and a smile was a reply,he didn’t want to feel that way but feelings can’t be blocked.I have been hurt ,betrayed but i feel like you can make my heart whole again and be the reason behind my smile.Excuse me!!!!She cried out, what gave you the right to think my smile was an invitation for you to ask me out.I don’t find you attractive nor do i want to be with you.Those words were painful to hear,it was like his heart was finished off.The thought of standing up and walking away with shame circulated in his mind and his vow of not loving again came rushing to him.He wanted to walk away with his tail between his legs but he felt this urge to stay.You are right i am not the most attractive guy you will ever meet,but i would love to get to know you were his first words after the embarrassment.You just met me a second ago and you already want to get under my skirt you should be ashamed of yourself.FUCK YOU !!! The outburst from him rang out in the room, you are beautiful ,sexy and yes i would love to sleep with you.If i wanted someone to sleep with i will go find a hooker,i am asking you out because you are smart, intelligent and you seem like someone who…why do i have to explain myself to you go to hell.She just stood there paralyzed from mortification, watching him leave was the best she could do. Her classification of all men as dogs had caused her to lose what could have been true love, despair filled her face.He was alone in his thoughts cursing himself for trying to leave his safety cave because he listened to his heart.Will i ever find another woman to love and who will truly accept and love me.Few days went by and he still can hear, smell and see this girl who humiliated him, he thought maybe he was starting to be mad. He wanted the thought of her to stop,the smell of her intensified, he threw down the glass of water he was holding in anger.Their eyes met and she smiled at him, but his reaction was that of disgust.He pushed her out of the way and left.© Mkaranga

Published by Mkaranga_The Artist

Art is my blood

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