If it ever had effect
Who would know what your future might hold, if only their curses had effect.What would become of those they hate and do not care about,what of those who they are jealous about? It’s only you have never heard them speak, their words like a sharpened spear meant to hurt and harm,if only those curses had effect.I probably wouldn’t be here.A suffering mother who has been twice in labor I would have become.

With the pain of being a bad example and the tears I would shed when the strangers asked me about the other bearer of my children.Uneducated,helpless and a laughter to the world I would become.

Have you had them speak,they are like snakes who spit poison directed straight to my dreams and passions for good hope.

Save me from them oh Lord,as I myself cannot deal with the drama,I want to speak when I know I shouldn’t, but what can I do.Forever my words will die in the heart and the thoughts of my mind will never say out for I am depending and I have been raised.

If only I could reverse time,I would pluck myself out of her womb and cause the world less harm.Heal me oh Lord for I have pain I need to hide from this world as I try to escape the joes of my beloved enermies.


Published by Mkaranga_The Artist

Art is my blood

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