Kuroorwa KwaChipo is a Zimbawean movie created and produced by two talented creative filmmakers Charles and Melody Mutyaviri.It is a movie that feature both well established and upcoming actors and actresses.Nokutenda Nechironga who played Chipo the main actress played a stellar role and was very good in her first big role in a feature film. Ryan Hussein who also was one of the main actors did justice to his role and played it very well. Zolile Makeleni is a veteran actor, who has featured on many of Zimbabwe biggest productions. He didn’t fail in this production, his performance was top shelf.

Cinematography and editing

Most of the shots in the film are very interesting and add drama, emotions and mood to the film. The editing also does it’s creative part and contribute to the story. It is true however that more creative shots and cuts should have been added to make the film a blockbuster.


Sound makes a movie,a great film has great sound.The quality of the sound in the film was impeccable, Billy Kabasa is surely one of the best sound engineers in the country at the present moment.

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